Income Tax Return Wizard

If you are unsure of which return to complete, just answer the following questions relating to your income and deductions and this wizard will help you identify the correct return

  • Did you receive more than 3 IRP5 or IT3(a) certificates for this tax year?
  • Did you receive a travel allowance and have more than 2 vehicles that you can claim expenses against for this tax year?
  • Are you a director of a company and / or a member of a CC?
  • Did you receive commission income? (This will show under income code 3606 on your IRP5 or IT3(a) certificate)
  • Did you receive foreign subsistence allowances? (This will show under income code 3754 or 3755 on your IRP5 or IT3(a) certificate)
  • Did you let or sublet a property or other asset and earn rental income in the process?
  • Did you sell any fixed assets, properties or shares that were subject to capital gains/losses?
  • Did you receive any interest on foreign investments or dividends from foreign shareholdings?
  • Did you receive any other type of foreign income or allowances?
  • Did you receive any other income that can not be declared on the IT12S return?
  • Did you operate a farming operation that earned you income?
  • Did you operate more than 2 businesses as a sole proprietor that earned you income? If yes, how many?
  • Were you involved in a farming partnership during this tax period? If yes how many?
  • Would you like to download your forms in English or Afrikaans?